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Legislation is needed that would expand the range of services that trained Doctors of Optometry across the state can provide - allowing them to perform several additional procedures that treat common conditions of the eye and eyelids. It will mean better access to the best eye care for our patients.

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Nebraska’s largest eye care profession includes more than 330 Doctors of Optometry serving in more than 80 communities across the state.

As primary eye care providers, Doctors of Optometry are trained to examine, diagnose, treat and manage disorders that affect the eye or vision. They are an integral part of the health care team, earning their doctoral degree just as dentists, podiatrists and other doctors do. Optometry is one of the only doctoral-level health care professions to require continuing education.

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Nebraskans urged to consult eye doctor before ordering contacts online

“Some internet-based sellers employ tactics that sidestep federal law”

contact-lensesLincoln, NE – As a result of changes in the marketplace and complaints, the Nebraska Optometric Association (NOA) is urging Nebraskans to consult their eye doctor before ordering contact lenses online.   

According to NOA spokesperson Dr. Chris Wolfe, complaints from doctors of optometry, other eye care professionals and consumers have raised concern that some internet sellers overfill orders, fill expired prescriptions, fail to properly verify prescriptions, or fill orders with lenses other than those that were prescribed, placing patients needlessly at risk.

“Despite the fact that contact lenses are federally regulated medical devices that require a valid prescription from a patient’s doctor, some internet-based sellers employ tactics that sidestep federal law designed to keep contact lens wearers safe,” Dr. Wolfe said.

While contact lenses may have similar refractive power, he explained, different brands can result in different effectiveness and cause different eye health concerns for wearers. Physician oversight of these FDA-regulated medical devices is essential.

“Some online retailers send patients lenses that don’t match their prescription or advise them to substitute another brand, without notifying the prescribing doctor. In fact, some online retailers not only complete sales based on expired or nearly-expired prescriptions, but encourage this practice, despite the health and safety risks,” he said.

“Contact lens prescriptions generally expire on a yearly basis, unless otherwise determined by your eye doctor. Seeing your eye doctor regularly for a comprehensive eye exam will not only assess your vision and need for updated prescriptions, but it may also help identify and lead to a diagnosis of other health concerns such as hypertension and diabetes,” Dr. Wolfe said.

Contact your Eye Care Professional with questions about proper lens use and for any other eye health concerns. 

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Dr. Chris Wolfe Answers Questions on Contact Lens Safety