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Legislation is needed that would expand the range of services that trained Doctors of Optometry across the state can provide - allowing them to perform several additional procedures that treat common conditions of the eye and eyelids. It will mean better access to the best eye care for our patients.

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Nebraska’s largest eye care profession includes more than 330 Doctors of Optometry serving in more than 80 communities across the state.

As primary eye care providers, Doctors of Optometry are trained to examine, diagnose, treat and manage disorders that affect the eye or vision. They are an integral part of the health care team, earning their doctoral degree just as dentists, podiatrists and other doctors do. Optometry is one of the only doctoral-level health care professions to require continuing education.

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October is See To Learn Month in Nebraska

SeeToLearnAs part of a statewide focus this Fall, the Nebraska Optometric Association (NOA) in cooperation with the Nebraska Foundations for Children’s Vision, have announced a renewed emphasis on the See to Learn program, where participating optometrists offer free vision assessments to any three-year-old.

Parents can schedule a free vision assessment for their three-year-old by calling the Eye Care Council at 1-800-960-EYES, or click here  for a list of participating Nebraska Doctors of Optometry.

According to Dr. Chad Hudnall, twenty percent of children entering Kindergarten have an undetected vision problem — and this number increases to more than 30 percent by the time those children graduate from high school.

“Most children don’t know they have a problem. Without early detection and treatment, many of these vision problems affect learning, because more than 80 percent of learning is done visually,” Hudnall said.

Click here to listen to the Public Service Announcement.

Click here to read the News Release.

Click here to view the Governor’s Proclamation of October as See To Learn Month in Nebraska.


Mary Lauritzen, Nebraska Foundation for Childrens Vision, on Free Vision Assessment for Children